Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday evening sleepy head

wow, where to start?? 
I have one week of prac left, 2 days of EN prac to complete and competently pass, have cut my thumb open this past week and is still taking ages to heal - with the flappy bit of skin just not wanting to heal into the rest of my thumb, its 7.30pm, dark and Chris is still on the bobcat doing the backyard. He's worked so hard today with Jayden pulling up the secret garden weeds and doing the final prepping for the front yard to be done by the landscapers!! So looking forward to having a beautiful front yard!! 
I'm going on 32 weeks in my pregnancy and am quite excited that i only have 8 weeks to go! 
Jess and Mum have put a new carseat on layby today which was very exciting news! Mum very generously is buying the seat for us - so blessed!
We still are cotless with no change table either but i'm planning on organising my darling's room when i am finished all my prac and am free!
I'd say ill be in bed in about half an hour which is a tad depressing but really needed...
Will be up early due to my fantastic body clock that sets itself for around 6.30am every morning. Got to prep for Sunday School as i'm teaching tomorrow at church.
Looking forward to sister Katie's 27th birthday celebrations tomorrow evening at Foo Wins.
i bid thee g'nite!

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