Thursday, 3 November 2011

finished surgical prac :)

So glad to have finished my Surgical Rotation and am looking forward to the weekend! relaxing!!! 
Going to the shops tomorrow, getting some new bras as the babalooochas dont seem to be fitting  in my 14Es!! it's a bit depressing, but nevertheless all good! 
Going to pop into kikki K as well, have my $10 birthday voucher and have to get some cards for Katie, Cathie and now Suzi as she had her little Summer this morning!
Very excited to meet the little one!!!
Might have some homemade mango icecream now and do some tv watching or reading. Need to just relax as i'm so tired from everything!
God has blessed me with a fantastic nuturing husband and great friends and family to support me. He has given me the strength to persevere though this prac and i know he will lead me through the last bit! 

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