Wednesday, 17 October 2012

rest and peace

As i reflect on the last month I have been noticing a trend.

I have stayed home so much more than I usually do! The funny thing is i just feel so relaxed and rested. I think I've needed this. My week usually looks like this:

Monday: Job day/ home day
Tuesday: Community Mums group
Wednesday: Food Shopping Day
Thursday: PRAMS (Church Mums group)/ Ladies Bible Study (they rotate each week)
Friday: Go visit someone day/ have someone over?

Too busy!! I don't know, is it? Is life meant to be like that for a stay at home mama?

They are all great things in themselves but when collided, where is the time for rest and peace? Relaxation? Just being in my home with Ava? Just being. Just living. Just teaching each other things.

I guess it's not the things that make you tired but the driving there, getting in and out of the car, talking, learning, driving home, then cleaning up the house when returned home.

I've really enjoying just being at home more. Now my weeks looks like this.

Monday: Job day/ home day
Tuesday: Community Mums group (important)
Wednesday: Food Shopping (also important)
Thursday: Ladies Bible Study (every fortnight)
Friday: Home day. Can have someone over every few weeks

I think I need to be at home more, and I have been. I've had time to think more about our home and how I can look after it and make it more of a haven. I've had time to think more about God and just rest in His thoughts and His Kingdom. I've reflected more that I ever had on God in general and what His plans could be, possibilities with Him, Heavenly things. 
It's been really great and I'm thankful He has provided this season for me.

I'm stoked to say I've never been in the Word and devotions as much as I have in the last few months. I've just been so encouraged constantly by Christian women bloggers and emails i've subscribed too. Reading Kingdom things brings about so much peace in my life. It also makes me yearn for the Lord more, for His presence in my life, for the Holy Spirit to make His home in my soul, mind, heart. 

I want to know Him even more. How do YOU seek Him to know Him better? How do YOU pray for that?

Thankful for quiet times, for home times, for the opportunity and honor it is to be a stay at home mum and a helper and wife. 

I long to be homeward in my orientation and to serve my family. My prayer is that the Lord might create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me, so that I may teach transgressors His ways. I pray I might use my gifts to encourage and train my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. (moreso sisters).

Oh that's the bebe crying out for her mama, 
will return soon.


  1. Your so inspiring Els, you speak so much wisdom from God. I hear what your saying about needing to rest more. Filling up our lives so that they are too crowded sometimes prevents us from hearing from God. Would love to know the blogs that inspire you thathave strengthened your faith more. xo

  2. thankyou precious for your encouragement! I've found out this last month that i love not being too busy! I believe it's not healthy to be too busy. Home time is so important (for me anyway)! Blogs i love are