Monday, 16 April 2012

butter chicken

Made butta chicken for dinner tonite! can't wait to devour... pappadums and natural yoghurt.. DEEEE LISH!
Chris and I watched 'Courageous' last nite... I totally encouraging Christian film. We wanna watch 'Facing the Giants' tonight which is written by the same people who did 'Fireproof' and 'Courageous'. 
Excited about hanging with Chris tonight and chilling out... He's worked so hard lately and i'm so proud of him! 
On another note, Ava bear wasn't the most cooperative today.. crying lots of the day and not going down for her sleeps. Doesn't prevent a headache, i'll tell you that!
She is 3 months now, and growing so much - definitely not underweight at the least!!
Have been doing some sewing today for My Sister and Me... trying to get a stock pile/box full of stuff...Was sewing door stop wheat bags today. Looking at doing a nappy holder tomorrow but might not get the chance as I have community mothers group so will see how we go. Ava also needs to get some good sleep or I won't be doing anything but nursing the kinder!
Blessings x

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