Wednesday, 14 December 2011

getting things done is fun! Ticking the list off is even more fun!

It's been a great day, i'd say!
Have cleaned out the pantry, cleaned the microwave inside, watched the end of 101 Dalmations, watched Enid Blyton's life on a DVD i got out from the library and had a sleep! 
About to clean out the Tupperware cupboard and make some dinner. Enchiladas is on the menu for tonight.
Just eaten some yummy mango icecream with narny. YUMMO!
Got the Gingerbread house night tonight - looking forward to it!! Always fun having fun with the girls :)

Dave and Dannii's wedding in 2 days, ultra exciting!! Glad Amelia is coming over with Hans and Gail, will be great to see her again :)
So only have 4 1/2 weeks till bub arrives! Had a beautiful baby shower the other day organised by Jess and Katies - they did such a lovely job! Had a great day! Now looking forward to seeing the photos that Suz  took! 
Gotta get onto writing some thankyou's for it too. 
Katie and Cam have finally announced to everyone about the're little brewing bundle! looking forward to being an aunty again!!
Well better start this cupboard cleanup!

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