Saturday, 26 November 2011

Life is a beautiful rollercoaster

Another week passed and i've finished uni for 2011!
I'm feeling really thankful that i've been able to complete my 2nd year of my nursing degree and the Lord has really equipped me over the last 6 weeks of prac in strength and perseverance!

Monday and Tuesday will be my last bit of work that requires travelling as i'm completing my Enrolled Nurse 2 day prac! This will be so handy to have this qualification in case i don't end up returning to study - although i'd like to as it's only 1 more year! Will have to see where the Lord leads us as a family and whether i'll have time to do this.

I've had a fantastic 2 years at Notre Dame Uni and so blessed to have met some beautiful friends 
samara, clare, asha, emily, amie & caitlin - who now is mrs walker!! 
It flew by and I've learnt so much in myself and as a nurse.

So whats over the hill?
well it sounds greener but will probably be harder!
I'm due to have our first child on January 16 2012, a little miracle made by God in my womb.
She's getting more and more active every day and i only have 7 weeks till my due date. Wondering whether she'll be early, on time or late?!
Chris and I were so blessed to pick up a $450 nursery set from a lovely family in Mt Lawley! A gorgeous dark set - cot, change table and tall boy. The cot and change table had a few scratches/teeth marks in them so Chris sanded those down and put varnish and sealer on it! Looks brand new! Such a clever hubby i have!

There are plenty of projects i have to get stuck into before the pumpernickle comes. Here are a few:
Find a Nursery to get some indoor plants
Get some seat cushions for the dining table

can't think of any more at the moment...
will be back in a few days most likely!

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